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Broadcast & Digital News Executive 

Senior Supervisor 2017-2018

Dallas, Texas 


Leadership team assembled by TEGNA to recover daily operations in Houston disrupted by Hurricane Harvey 

  • Based out of WFAA in Dallas to manage the on-site creation of a remote production control room and master control operation

  • Work with the corporate team to set priories throughout the process

  • Front-end manage, troubleshoot, review performance and improve the overall presentation

  • Collaborate with stations in the group to supply a rotating staff of producers, directors, MMJ’s and supervisors

  • Recruit freelancers 

  • Organize responsibilities, schedules, planning for newscasts, specials, continuous coverage, Astros World Series Championship and the passing of Barbara Bush

  • Coordinate live phone banks in Dallas for a national fundraising concert for Houston

  • Producer development program participants at WFAA were transferred to my supervision


News Director 2008 – 2017

Kansas City, Missouri 


ABC / CW duopoly is the market leader in Kansas City

312K TV News consumers per day #1

1.5M digital consumers per day #1

Digital Growth 2016 vs. 2017

  • Video Views +50%

  • APP sessions +25%

  • Site sessions + 25%

  • Facebook engagement +50%


  • Dominate key audience attributions; the trusted source, breaking news, and weather

  • Transformed a traditional news product to a dynamic mix of modern presentation, visual storytelling, and engaging talent

  • Aggressive brand strategy for “First Alert” resulting in a 70% recall

    • Key factors: 

      • Recruited next-generation talent; developed command anchor performances; eliminated template formats; newsroom “team” culture

  • Original and Investigative Content

    • Recruited the 5 pm & 9pm anchor team with the investigative background to lead

  • Research timely, relevant and breaking news of the day

    • Ongoing investigations include the local opioid epidemic

    • Spin-off specials; town hall meetings 

    • Customized content for social media, including podcasts


  • Accomplishments include:

  • Corporate recruiter; attending professional conventions and college campus events

  • Negotiate labor contracts with SAG-AFTRA, talent agents, vendors, and partnerships

  • Conflict management; worked directly with the Hearst legal team and HR

  • Raised safety and protection standards for field crews

  • Created open dialog for editorial discussion on emotional content, political coverage

  • Assigned by corporate VP to lead KOCO’s tornado disaster coverage in May 2014 

  • Launched the producer fellowship program for Hearst TV

  • Operation / Capitol Budget Management






News Director 2001 – 2002

Oklahoma City, OK

Excellent teamwork transformed this ABC station from #3 to #1

    • Key impacts: Interdepartmental synergy, audience growth, brand awareness, increased ratings and revenue

    • Key factors: Creating a role for each department in breaking news, weather and major projects

  • Innovation created opportunities and success led to more investment in new technology

  • Key impacts: Exclusive content, brand value, cost savings, increased ratings and revenue

  • Key factors: First full-rate streaming live video from the field

  • “Advantage Doppler Radar” exclusive 10-minute advanced warning 

  • Recruited new talent and developed strategy to win over viewers

    • Key impacts: Interdepartmental synergy, diversity, greater talent recognition, brand awareness, viewer loyalty, increased ratings and revenue

    • Key factors: “On the Road” newscasts live from dozens of strategically targeted communities, winning weather and breaking news coverage


News Director 2000 - 2001

Ft. Smith/Fayetteville, AR

  • #1 in target demo across all newscasts



Executive Producer 1995 – 2000

Oklahoma City, OK

  • OKC Bombing produced live coverage viewed by a worldwide audience

  • Manager for the Denver Bureau during the Timothy McVeigh Trial

  • F5 Tornado, the OKC metro area, produced coverage from the control room for the first 13 hours



Weekend Anchor/Reporter 1992 – 1995

Amarillo, Texas



Reporter 1989 - 1992

Lawton/Wichita Falls




RTDNA Social Media Workshop 

“Harnessing social media to build community and build a brand”

The Hearst Foundation of Leadership 

“Development of leaders from diversified media, information, and services” 

The Poynter Institute 

“Organizational Leadership, Ethics”

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars 

“Journalism; Inside Washington” 

Certifications: “Top 10 Social Media Management Tools” and “Personal Branding”



  • 2018 RTDNA Region 5 Murrow Awards: Overall News Excellence, Breaking News Coverage “Oak Grove Tornado, March 2017”, Continuing Coverage "Lost Innocence" LaMonte McIntyre

  • Walter Cronkite award for political group coverage 9th consecutive year

  • 2017 Sherrie Brown recognized as a Patriotic Employer by the Department of Defense
    & Employer Support of The Guard and Reserve (submitted by AM anchor deployed to Ukraine)

  • 2017 Mid-America Emmy Awards: Large Market Newscast “KMBC 6 pm”, Team Coverage “Oak Grove Tornado”

  • 2017 RTNDA Region 5 Murrow Awards: Overall Excellence, Large Market Newscast, Website & Excellence in Sound

  • 2016 RTNDA National Murrow Award: Large Market Newscast “KMBC 10 pm”

  • 2016 RTDNA Region 5 Murrow Awards: Overall Excellence, Large Market Newscast, Excellence in use of video 

  • 2015 RTDNA Region 5 Murrow Award: Excellence in Breaking News, “Ferguson Unrest”

  • 2014 RTDNA Region 5 Murrow Award: Website “kmbc.com” 

  • 2013 RTDNA Region 5 Murrow Award: Website “kmbc.com”

  • 2012 RTDNA Region 5 Murrow Awards: Overall Excellence, Newscast, and Website “kmbc.com”

  • 2011 RTDNA Region 5 Murrow Awards: Excellence in Hard News Reporting “Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer” and Website “kmbc.com”

  • 2010 RTDNA Region 5 Murrow Award: Excellence in Breaking News Coverage

  • 2009 RTDNA Region 5 Murrow Awards: Excellence in Continuing Coverage, “Brain Tumor Outbreak in Cameron, Missouri”

  • 2008 RTDNA Region 5 Murrow Awards: Overall Excellence, Excellence in Spot News

  • 2009 KMBC 6 Mid-American Emmy Awards